Duplicate Photo Finder

Find visually-similar photos and same photos using DupInOut Duplicate Finder. Declutter your photo library to free-up your storage, organize photos, and sync & backup photos with ease.

DupInOut Duplicate Finder

What is a Duplicate Photo Finder?

A Duplicate Photo Finder is a specialized software that uses advanced algorithms to search your computer for the same photos and visually-similar photos. It is a useful tool if you have many duplicate photos that take up a lot of storage and make it difficult to find the photos you need.

Difference Between Same Photos & Similar Photos

There are two types of duplicate photos, viz. same photos, and similar photos.

The Same Photos are 100% identical photos. They have the same file size, subject, background objects, resolution, composition, etc. Their similarity threshold is 100%. In contrast, Similar Photos are visually-similar photos or photos with minor edits. These photos may have the same subject, but they may vary in terms of file size, image resolution, bit depth, composition, color information, other objects, etc. Their similarity threshold is always below 100%.

What is Similarity Threshold?

Similarity Threshold is the level of similarity between the image pixels. It determines how closely the pixels of two images must match to classify them as duplicates. You can adjust the similarity threshold by moving the Similarity Threshold slider to the right or left.

A Similarity Threshold of 100% indicates that the photos are the same with no difference. In contrast, a lower Similarity Threshold indicates variations in the photos. The lower the similarity threshold, the greater the disparity.

Where Do I Get Duplicate Photos From?

It's easy to accumulate duplicate photos. Some of the likelihood possibilities of how you acquired them are given below:

  • Photo transfers from your digital camera or smartphone to your PC/ laptop
  • Repeated downloading of the same photos on multiple occasions
  • Minor editing (for example, rotating or flipping) of photos and saving them as separate copies
  • Photo conversion from one format to another (for example, .bmp to .jpeg)
  • When you compress your files, your file compression program creates a separate archive with those photos, leading to duplication.

Benefits of Using a Similar Photos Finder Software

Regularly deleting dupes with DupInOut Duplicate Finder will benefit you in various ways:

  • You can free up your storage and make room to store new files
  • Finding photos, even if they were captured years ago, will become easier with less clutter
  • With fewer photos to sync, file syncing will become simple, easy, quick, and bandwidth-friendly
  • Photo backups will become fast, bandwidth-friendly, and take less storage than before
  • It will be easy to distinguish between original and edited or converted photos.

How to Scan & Delete Duplicate Photos? (Easy Steps)

Step 1: Add Pictures Folders

Click the Add button and select the folder(s) you want to scan for identical photos. For example, C:\Users\User_Name\Pictures

Add Pictures Folder to Scan List

Step 2: Start Duplicate Photo Search

Set the Scan Mode to Similar Photos and then click on the Start Search button.

Step 3: Review Results

Once the scan finishes, use the Select Duplicates button to automatically mark/ un-mark duplicate pictures using criteria of your choice. You can also use the checkboxes to individually mark/ un-mark specific files.

Step 4: Fix the Dupes

Click on the Fix Duplicates button, and choose an action of your choice.

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