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DupInOut Duplicate Finder
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De-dupe Your Data With DupInOut Duplicate Finder

duplicate files sources
Benefits of deleting duplicates

An All-In-One Solution...

Duplicate Finder

Exact Files Finder

Find exact-matching duplicate documents and files by comparing their content. Provides highly accurate results with 100% matching content.

You can scan files using multiple file hash algorithms such as SHA-256, SHA-1, MD5, and CRC32.

duplicate photo finder

Similar Photos Finder

Do you have a lot of photos? If so, you might have acquired a lot of visually-similar photos from your mobile and digital camera.

You can find photos that have been rotated, flipped, or converted from one image format to another.

duplicate music finder

Duplicate Music Finder

Do you love music? Who doesn't! Search your vast music library for duplicates. Get rid of duplicate tracks and enjoy uninterrupted music.

You can scan for duplicate music using your desired music tags such as album, artist, bit rate, duration, etc.

folder compare feature

Folder Compare

Quickly compare two folders to know the same files, different files (changed files) and additional files. You can also export the lists to a .CSV file.

You can compare folder contents using different parameters: file content, size, creation date, and modification date.

File Organizer

File Organizer

Have you got hundreds of thousands of files scattered across multiple folders? Quickly organize them all in an orderly manner using the File Organizer feature.

You can organize files by their creation date, modification date, or file extension.

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Finding & Deleting Duplicates Has Never Been This Easier...

Drag & Drop Interface

Get started in seconds with a simple, intuitive and straightforward interface.

Drop folders into the Search Folders List that you want to scan.

Drop folders into the Ignore Folders List that you want to exclude.

Drag & Drop Interface
Smart Filters

Easy Scan Filters

We don't limit you to a few pre-defined scan filters. You've got the freedom to customize the scan the way you like.

Use predefined file extensions lists to search and ignore specific file type groups (documents, photos, music, videos)

Create your own file extensions list, or modify the ones that are already there.

Set upper and lower file size filters (For example, ignore all files above 1 GB)

Fast, Reliable & Accurate Scan

Finished adding folders to the Search Folders List? You're good to go now! Just start the duplicate scan and take a cup of coffee!

Supports multiple scan types (identify duplicate files by comparing their content, identify duplicate songs by comparing their music tags, identify duplicate photos by analyzing their pixels)

Interactive pie-chart statistics and a detailed report of all folders containing your duplicates

Option to save session and automatically sleep/ shutdown computer after completing the duplicate scan

Find duplicate files
duplicates selection assistant

One-Click Selection Assistant

Manually reviewing duplicates can be a hefty job if you've hundreds of thousands of files. Worry not, DupInOut Duplicate Finder automates this task.

Mark duplicates using 15+ predefined patterns (Newest/ oldest created, Largest/ smallest files, Higher/ lower resolution photos, Highest/ lowest bit rate music, etc.)

Mark duplicates using custom parameters (file name, path, size, date, hash, group, etc.)

In-house text, image and music previews

Data Protection Mechanism & Excluded Files List

Your data is not just a piece of information. It’s your digital asset. We have systems in place to protect your data against accidental deletion and unexpected data loss.

DPM analyzes your file marking pattern. If you accidentally check all files in a group for deletion, DPM will step in and automatically uncheck & preserve at least one file in each group.

Mistakenly scanned your very important folders? No worries! You can automatically exclude them from the Duplicates List without needing to re-scan everything from scratch.

Data Protection Mechanism
Move duplicates to another folder

Fix Duplicates with Confidence

Still worried about deleting duplicate documents? No problem, we have got you covered! Choose one of the following options:

Permanently delete duplicate files or move them to the Recycle Bin

Move all duplicate files to another folder of your choice

Rename duplicate files (add prefix/ suffix)

Replace duplicates with Shortcuts (.lnk) to the original files

Work Smart; Not Hard!

Do you need to do the same duplicate scan again later? Simply save & re-load your configurations.

Save your scan configurations to a file (Search Folders List, Ignore Folders List, File Type & Size preferences)

DupInOut automatically saves your last scan preferences even if you forget to save them

Save & Load Profile

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