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A Walkthrough to Delete Your Old Tweets & Clear Your Twitter Profile

A Walkthrough to Delete Your Old Tweets & Clear Your Twitter Profile
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Do you often find yourself amid heated political discussions on Twitter? Does a large army of trolls follow you and always create Twitter storms against your political views? If so, this is a must-read article for you.

Reasons to Delete Your Old Tweets

There are many reasons to clear your Twitter profile and start tweeting from scratch. We’ve compiled some of the major ones below:

Don’t Let Trolls Weaponize Your Old Tweets Against You

Are you a social media influencer with a very huge number of followers? If so, there’s a solid reason to delete your old tweets. Your enemies and trolls could weaponize your old tweets against you. There’s no denying the fact that it is difficult to understand the context of the old tweets you posted years back.

Get Rid of Old Tweets with Low Engagements

Undoubtedly, Twitter is a large platform with approximately 450 million monthly active users as of 2022. But let’s admit it: it’s difficult to get engagements especially if you don’t have a large fan following on Twitter. In the early period of our Twitter journey, we all started tweeting somewhere between zero followers and zero engagement rate. A vast majority of the tweets are still unseen.

Employment Opportunities

Are you planning to get out of your virtual Twitter world and apply for a real job? If so, you wouldn’t want your new employer to judge you by your instant crazy reactions to random news events and political discussions. After all, social media is a place of often ill informed people with fickle opinions.

Don’t Mess Up Your Personal Relations

Anyone can follow you on Twitter — your family members, relatives, neighbors, coworkers, business partners, old school friends, or even strangers. There are endless possibilities. Don’t let your heated political discussions on Twitter affect your personal relations. Regularly clear up your Twitter profile to save yourself from the embarrassment of explaining that crazy political tweet.

How to Delete Your Old Tweets?

Manually deleting everything one by one is not a solution. You might have been using Twitter for years and might have hundreds of thousands of tweets to delete.

So, what’s the best way?

Easy Tweet Deleter is a handy web-based tool that does this job on its own. Just integrate your Twitter account, choose the tweets you want to delete and relax.

Easy Tweet Deleter Features

  • Uses official APIs from Twitter to safely access your account’s data.
  • Supports batch tweets deletion using various filters (such as tweet-type filters, date filters, search filters, etc).
  • Ability to search for old tweets using different keywords of your choice and delete them in bulk.
  • Batch delete up to 3200 tweets at once.
  • Supports deleting additional tweets using Twitter Archive. All you’ve got to do is request for your Twitter archive and upload the same on ETD.
  • Not just tweets, ETD supports deleting your Twitter likes, retweets, media (such as videos, images, links) to completely remove the traces of your past Twitter activity.


  1. Open the Easy Tweet Deleter website [ https://easytweetdeleter.com/ ] and click on the Sign in with Twitter button on the top right.
  2. Sign-in to your Twitter account and provide ETD the permission to manage it for you. Don’t worry, it’s completely safe.
  3. As you sign-in, you’ll see a long list of your recent tweets. Unless you want to delete all the tweets, you’ll be better off filtering them using various filters (such as date filters, tweet-type filters, search filters, etc).
  4. Use the Tweet-type filters to view your tweets, your retweets, your media links, etc.
  5. Use the Date filters to view tweets during a specific duration. It is a useful filter to get rid of all your past tweets.
  6. Use the Search filters to view tweets with specific keywords (for example: any slangs that you might have used in the past).
  7. Done selecting your tweets? Click on the Delete button and that’s it.

Note: Your tweets are permanently lost when you choose to delete them. There is no way to recover them. So be careful to select only those tweets you really want to delete.