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Available Language Files:

No language files are currently available for download

Help Us Translate & Get a License Free!

You can translate DupInOut Duplicate Finder in your native language and receive a free license as a token of appreciation.

1. Download the latest English.lng file from here: (Right-click > Save link as…)

2. Download a free translator program (INI Translation Utility) from it's official website:

3. Optional: If there is already an unfinished translated file in your native language under the "Available Language Files" section on top of this page, download it.

4. Open the INI Translation Utility and click on File > Open the main translation file.

5. Select the English.lng file.

6. Do one of the following:

If you want to fresh translate the file from scratch:

a. Click on File > Create a new translation from a copy of the main file.

b. Type the name of your language and click on OK.

If you want to import and translate an unfinished translated file:

a. Click on File > Open the file to translate.

b. Select the unfinished translated file you downloaded.

7. You can now start translating.

8. Once done, click on File > Save Translation.

9. Submit your translated file to


  • Many original phrases might include special placeholders (such as #x1, #x2 or #NewLine). It is very important to include them in your translated phrase. If these placeholders are omitted while translating, the program may not function correctly.
  • Do NOT translate anything in the [AutoLoadedValues] section (such as %Task_Failed_Msg%, %StopSearch_Button% or %MarkAll_Button%). The software uses them at runtime to dynamically retrieve the corresponding values.
  • Non-human translations such as copy-pastes from Google Translate, are not allowed.

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